2016 Senior Editorial Board Election Results

Wisconsin Law Review elects senior editorial board and diversity committee for 2016–17

Wisconsin Law Review has named University of Wisconsin Law School student Bryon Eagon as Editor-in-Chief for 2016–17. He replaces outgoing Editor-in-Chief Cameron Marston.

The student-run journal, published six times a year, includes articles by students and professionals on local, state, national, and international topics.

In addition to its online version WLR Forward and its print version, Wisconsin Law Review sponsors an annual symposium. Last October’s symposium focused on an emerging area of interdisciplinary legal scholarship that bridges the conceptual and methodological gaps between empirical and doctrinal scholarship on race, with its program “Critical Race Theory and Empirical Methods.”

Senior Editorial Board members for 2016–17 include:

  • Cecilia Kress, Senior Articles Editor
  • Chelsea Fischer, Christopher Nienhaus and Hayley Painter, Senior Managing Editors
  • Cristina Semi, Senior Note & Comment Editor
  • Kristin Martin, Senior Forward Editor
  • Ashley Brown, Business Editor
  • Lyndsey Bley and Sean Znachko, Symposium Editors

Diversity Committee members for 2016–17 are:

  • Vanessa Rodriguez (chair)
  • Cecilia Kress
  • Bohyun Leah Park
  • Yujia Wei

Wisconsin Law Review thanks its outgoing 3L class and Senior Editorial Board for two years of commitment and dedication. The board encourages current first-year students to participate in the spring write-on competition, beginning immediately after finals in May. For more information, please contact Bryon Eagon or Cristina Semi.