Volume 2016, No. 3

Symposium Issue: Critical Race Theory and Empirical Methods

Empirical Methods and Critical Race Theory: A Discourse on Possibilities for a Hybrid Methodology by Mario L. Barnes

Public Health Critical Race Praxis: An Introduction, an Intervention, and Three Points for Consideration by Chandra L. Ford

Racial Horizons and Empirical Landscapes in the Post-ACA World by Shaun Ossei-Owusu

Black Community Control over Police by M Adams & Max Rameau

Black Lives Matter and Respectability Politics in Local News Accounts of Officer-Involved Civilian Deaths: An Early Empirical Assessment by Osagie K. Obasogie & Zachary Newman

Microclimates of Racial Meaning: Historical Racial Violence and Environmental Impacts by Geoff Ward

Adjudicating Risk: AIDS, Crime, and Culpability by Aziza Ahmed

Institutionalizing Essentialism: Mechanisms of Intersectional Subordination Within the LGBT Movement by Gwendolyn M. Leachman

Volume 2016, No. 2

Disparaging the Supreme Court, Part II: Questioning Institutional Legitimacy by Brian Christopher Jones

Three Wrongs Do Not Make a Right: Federal Sovereign Immunity, the Feres Doctrine, and the Denial of Claims Brought by Military Mothers and Their Children for Injuries Sustained Pre-birth by Tara Willke

Horizontal Innovation and Interface Patents by Bernard Chao

Disfavored Treatment of Third-Party Guilt Evidence by David S. Schwartz & Chelsey B. Metcalf

You Get What You Pay For: Why Wisconsin Should Adopt Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Stacking Waivers by Alyssa L. Kempke