Volume 2017, No. 5

The Foundations of Constitutional Theory by Andrew Coan
One Person, No Votes: Unopposed Candidate Statutes and the State of Election Law by Noah B. Lindell
Crimmigration-Counterterrorism by Margaret Hu

The Doctor Will See You Now-From 100 Miles Away: Navigating Physician Non-Compete Agreements in the Age of Telemedicine by Greta Mattison Megna

Volume 2017, No. 4

Business, Corruption, and Human Rights: Towards a New Responsibility for Corporations to Combat Corruption by David Hess
The Tragedy of Elephants by Branden D. Jung
Winning the Battle, Losing the War?: Assessing the Impact of Misclassification Litigation on Workers in the Gig Economy by V.B. Dubal

Lewis v. Epic: An Employee Arbitration Odessey by Andrew J. Fabianczyk