Volume 2019, No. 6

Articles: The Exceptionalism Norm in Administrative Adjudication by Emily S. Bremer, Revisiting Contempt of Congress by E. Garrett West, On Amplification: Extralegal Acts of Feminist Resistance in the #MeToo Era by Shelley Cavalieri

Comment: A Path to Protection: Collateral Crime Vacatur for Wisconsin’s Victims of Sex Trafficking by Kelsey Mullins

Note: When Roles Collide: Deference, Due Process, and the Judicial Dilemma by Amy Buchmeyer

Volume 2019, No. 5

Articles: Patent Law’s Philosophical Fault Line by Matthew G. Sipe, Promising Justice: Contract (As) Social Responsibility by Jonathan C. Lipson, Contemptuous Tax Reporting by Israel Klein, Feigned Consensus: Usurping the Law in Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma Prosecutions by Keith A. Findley et al.
Comments: Dairy Farms and H-2A Harms: How Present Immigration Policy is Hurting Wisconsin and Immigrant Workers by Julia Jagow,Damning the Mekong: Project Finance’s Inability to Cure the Steep Costs of Hydropower Development in the Mekong River Basin by Brian P. Cawley

Volume 2019, No. 4

Articles: Free Exercise (Dis)Honesty by James M. Oleske, Jr., The Pro-Gentrification Origins of Place-Based Investment Tax Incentives and a Path Toward Community Oriented Reform by Michelle D. Layser, Law Enforcement in the American Security State by Wadie E. Said, On Locs, “Race,” and Title VII by Ronald Turner, Partisan Constitutionalism: Reconsidering the Role of Political Parties in Popular Constitutional Change by Brian Highsmith
Comment:  Making “Explicit Authority” Explicit: Deciphering Wis. Act 21’s Prescriptions for Agency Rulemaking Authority by Kirsten Koschnick

Volume 2019, No. 3

Lecture: Thomas E. Fairchild Lecture Civic Education and the Federal Courts by Robert A. Katzmann
Articles: Baseball’s Antitrust Exemption for Franchise Decisions: Its Justifications and Antitrust Law Implications for Other Professional Leagues by Allan H. (“Bud”) Selig, Thomas J. Ostertag, & Matthew J. Mitten, Citizens United as Bad Corporate Law by Jonathan Macey & Leo E. Strine, Jr., The Case for American Muslim Arbitration by Rabea Benhalim
Comments: Printing for the Perfect Fit: Balancing FDA Regulation of 3D Printed Medical Devices by Rachel Dykema, Step One to Recusal Reform: Find an Alternative to the Rule of Necessity by Skylar Reese Croy
Supplement to Volume 2018: News of the School

Volume 2019, No. 2

Symposium Issue. Introduction: Introduction to the 2018 Wisconsin Law Review Symposium Issue: Wills, Trusts, and Estates Meets Gender, Race, and Class by Carla Spivack
Keynote lecture: Dismantling the Trusts and Estates Canon by Naomi Cahn
Articles: Broken Links: A Critique of Formal Equality in Inheritance Law by Carla Spivack, Engendering Trust by Deborah S. Gordon, Voice, Strength, and No-Contest Clauses by Karen J. Sneddon, Wills Formalities in the Twenty-First Century by Bridget J. Crawford, Disrupting the Wealth Gap Cycles: An Empirical Study of Testacy and Wealth by Danaya C. Wright, Freedom of Disposition v. Duty of Support: What’s a Child Worth? by Phyllis C. Taite, Big Data and the Modern Family by Shelly Kreiczer-Levy, The Stranger-to-the-Marriage Doctrine: Judicial Construction Issues Post-Obergefell by Lee-ford Tritt

Volume 2019, No. 1

Articles: Systematic Regulation of Systemic Risk by Steven L. Schwarcz, What Makes the Death Penalty Arbitrary? (And Does It Matter If It Is?) by Chad Flanders
Comment: Don’t Whistle While You Work: Wisconsin’s Vanishing Protections for Public Employee Whistleblowers by Corey Triggs

Volume 2018, No. 6

Articles: Its Own Dubious Battle: The Impossible Defense of an Effective Right to Strike by Ahmed White, Insider Trading and the Integrity of Mandatory Disclosure by James J. Park
Comment: Neither Seen nor Heard: Impeachment by Prior Conviction and the Continued Failure of the Wisconsin Rule to Protect the Criminal Defendant-Witness by Alexander Straka
Notes: Blurring the Denominator: Murr v. Wisconsin and the Increasing Complexity of Takings Analysis by Andrew C. Gresik, Death by Denominator: Reconsidering Constitutional Intra-State Deference in an Age of “Emergency Management” by Collin Weyers

Volume 2018, No. 5

Articles: The Metasplit: The Law Applied After Transfer in Federal Question Cases by Jeffrey L. Rensberger, Property-as-Society by Timothy M. Mulvaney, The Private-Search Doctrine Does Not Exist by Ben A. McJunkin
Comment: Reading Sexual Orientation Protections into Title VII: A Moral Revitalization Theory of Statutory Interpretation by Charles J. Ureña

Volume 2018, No. 4

Articles: I Am the Captain Now: Resisting Piracy and Contortion in the Copyright Marketplace by Maria A. Pallante, The Intersection Between Young Adult Sentencing and Mass Incarceration by Josh Gupta-Kagan, Aging in the 21st Century: Using Neuroscience to Assess Competency in Guardianships by Betsy J. Grey, The Merger Incipiency Doctrine and the Importance of “Redundant” Competitors by Peter C. Carstensen & Robert H. Lande