Volume 2024, No. 3

Hamilton’s Copyright and the Election of 1800 by Tejas N. Narechania; The Submerged Administrative State by Gabriel Scheffler & Daniel E. Walters; Killing Stays by Madalyn K. Wasilczuk; “With Intent to Destroy, in Whole or in Part”: Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and a Lost History by Alexander K.A. Greenawalt; Hot Apps: Recalibrating IP to Address Online Software by David Stein; Off-Label Preemption by David A. Simon.

Volume 2024, No. 2

Stategraft vs. Corruption: A Survey Experiment by Bernadette Atuahene & Janice Nadler; Immigraft by Jayesh Rathod & Anne Schaufele; Stategraft in Public Assistance Programs by Spencer Headworth; White-on-Black Crime: Revisiting the Convict Leasing Narrative by Ion Meyn; The Commodification of Children and the Poor, and the Theory of Stategraft by Daniel L. Hatcher; Tax Enforcement at the Intersection of Social Welfare and Vulnerable Populations by Michelle Lyon Drumbl; Centering the State in Stategraft: Reforming Abusive Local Governments Requires State Law Reform by Michelle Wilde Anderson; Exacting Assessments: Sheetz and the Problem of Stategraft by Christopher Serkin; Automated Stategraft:  Electronic Enforcement Technology and the Economic Predation of Black Communities by Sonia M. Gipson Rankin, Melanie Moses & Kathy L. Powers; Are Municipal Fines and Fees Tools of Stategraft? by Dick M. Carpenter II, Jamie Cavanaugh & Sam Gedge.