Volume 2018, No. 6

Articles: Its Own Dubious Battle: The Impossible Defense of an Effective Right to Strike by Ahmed White, Insider Trading and the Integrity of Mandatory Disclosure by James J. Park
Comment: Neither Seen nor Heard: Impeachment by Prior Conviction and the Continued Failure of the Wisconsin Rule to Protect the Criminal Defendant-Witness by Alexander Straka
Notes: Blurring the Denominator: Murr v. Wisconsin and the Increasing Complexity of Takings Analysis by Andrew C. Gresik, Death by Denominator: Reconsidering Constitutional Intra-State Deference in an Age of “Emergency Management” by Collin Weyers

Volume 2018, No. 5

Articles: The Metasplit: The Law Applied After Transfer in Federal Question Cases by Jeffrey L. Rensberger, Property-as-Society by Timothy M. Mulvaney, The Private-Search Doctrine Does Not Exist by Ben A. McJunkin
Comment: Reading Sexual Orientation Protections into Title VII: A Moral Revitalization Theory of Statutory Interpretation by Charles J. Ureña

Volume 2018, No. 4

Articles: I Am the Captain Now: Resisting Piracy and Contortion in the Copyright Marketplace by Maria A. Pallante, The Intersection Between Young Adult Sentencing and Mass Incarceration by Josh Gupta-Kagan, Aging in the 21st Century: Using Neuroscience to Assess Competency in Guardianships by Betsy J. Grey, The Merger Incipiency Doctrine and the Importance of “Redundant” Competitors by Peter C. Carstensen & Robert H. Lande

Volume 2018, No. 3

Articles: The Jurisprudence of Uncertainty: Knowledge, Science, and Abortion by Mary Ziegler, Racial Character Evidence in Police Killing Cases by Jasmine B. Gonzales Rose, Law and Social Movements: Reimagining the Progressive Canon by Scott L. Cummings, The LGBT Disconnect: Politics and Perils of Legal Movement Formation by Marie-Amélie George
Comments: The Explosive Recall: Proposing Solutions to Handle the Void Left by the Takata Bankruptcy by Justin Top, The Use of Wisconsin’s Bail Jumping Statute: A Legal and Quantitative Analysis by Amy Johnson

Volume 2018, No.2

Articles: Democracy, Civil Society, and Public Interest Law by Catherine Albiston, The Keys to the Kingdom: Judges, Pre-hearing Procedure, and Access to Justice by Colleen F. Shanahan, Studying the “New” Civil Judges by Anna E. Carpenter et al., Simplicity as Justice by Kathryn A. Sabbeth.
Essay: Toward Universal Deportation Defense: An Optimistic View by Michael Kagan

Volume 2018, No. 1

Articles: The Erosion of Civil Rights and What to Do About It by Lynn Adelman, Disappearing Data by Agnieszka McPeak, “LOL No One Likes You”: Protecting Critical Comments on Government Officials’ Social Media Posts Under the Right to Petition by Dr. JoAnne Sweeny, Fixing What’s Wrong With How Universities Adjudicate Sexual Misconduct Claims: How Procedural Change Can Encourage Cooperation by Tammi Walker. Comment: #AIRBNBWHILEBLACK: Repealing the Fair Housing Act’s Mrs. Murphy Exemption to Combat Racism on Airbnb by Brenna R. McLaughlin