Introducing: New Website & Wisconsin Law Review Forward

On October 30th, 2015, the Wisconsin Law Review formally launched its new and improved website. The new site features more accessible content and proudly displays the Journal’s published works.

Along with the new website also comes the rebranding of Wisconsin Law Review‘s online supplement. WLR Forward has replaced WLR Online as the premier Wisconsin student run online law journal. All forthcoming online pieces will be released under Wisconsin Law Review Forward. This change to the online supplement has no effect on Wisconsin Law Review‘s print publications.

Wisconsin Law Review Forward evokes Wisconsin’s state motto, Forward, but is also a reference to the publishing term foreword, which is typically a short piece commenting on a larger work. Many of our online pieces are short response pieces to larger pieces published in our print edition and all are shorter works commenting on larger topics in legal academia. WLR Forward is an online only publication intended to move conversations in legal academia forward by providing a forum for the quick publication of topical and timely pieces that would otherwise be delayed by our production schedule for print issues.


Any website or WLR Forward questions should be directed to Senior Forward EditorBryce Loken.