Wisconsin Law Review’s 2020 Symposium

“Wisconsin’s Intellectual History and Traditions” 


To celebrate the publication’s 100th anniversary, the Wisconsin Law Review will host a symposium exploring the University of Wisconsin Law School’s intellectual history and traditions. Spanning two days—Thursday, October 22, and Friday, October 23—the symposium will feature five panel discussions focused on a particular area of legal scholarship impacted by the University of Wisconsin Law School and its scholars. The symposium will take place virtually. Please return to this page for more information as the event nears.


Clinical Legal Education at Wisconsin: Pioneering Teaching and Advocacy for Social Justice for Wisconsin and Beyond

  • Louise Trubek (Chair)
  • Renagh O’Leary
  • Keith Findley
  • Kate Kruse
  • Marsha Mansfield
  • Sarah Davis
  • Steve Meili


Critical Race Theory: Origins Permutations, and Current Queries 

  • Linda Greene (Chair)
  • Mario Barnes
  • Angelica Guevara
  • Tanya Hernández
  • Angela Onwuachi-Willig
  • Kendall Thomas


The Enduring Impact of the Wisconsin School of Contracts

  • Jonathan Lipson (Chair)
  • Mitu Gulati
  • Trang (Mae) Nguyen
  • Juliet Kostritsky
  • Jay Feinman
  • Peter Linzer
  • Cary Shelby


The University of Wisconsin Law School and the Global South: 60 Years of Engagement and Innovative Scholarship

  • David Trubek (Chair)
  • Kathryn Hendley
  • Alexandra Huneeus
  • Heinz Klug
  • Mitra Sharafi
  • Jason Yackee


The University of Wisconsin Law School on Constitutionalism and Democracy

  • Heinz Klug (Chair)
  • Mark Tushnet
  • Linda Greene
  • Richard Monette
  • David Schwartz
  • Robert Yablon