Wisconsin Law Review’s 2024 Symposium

The Wisconsin Law Review presents, Sept. 20, 2024:

The 2024 Wisconsin Law Review Symposium

Registration will be available soon.

The one-day symposium will be hosted by Dean Dan Tokaji, University of Wisconsin Law School, and Professors Miriam Seifter and Rob Yablon of the State Democracy Research Initiative, featuring nationally-renowned constitutional and election law scholars.

The symposium will focus on the dynamics between election laws written by state legislative bodies and federal elections. Under the U.S. constitutional system, the functioning of presidential and congressional elections depends on state law, state courts, and state and local election officials. Unlike many other democratic countries, the United States has neither a comprehensive national election code, nor a national electoral authority responsible for overseeing its elections. Instead, authority over election administration lies with state and local officials across the country. The Wisconsin Law Review will bring together legal scholars to discuss the future of American state election law and the challenges that may arise in the face of the upcoming federal elections.

For donation opportunities and any questions regarding the 2024-25 Symposium, please contact our Symposium Editors, Mikaela Steckelis & Julie Kim, at wlrsymposium@law.wisc.edu.

Speakers & Events

More details to come.