Wisconsin Law Review’s 2023 Symposium

The Wisconsin Law Review presents, Nov. 3–4, 2022:

The 2023 Wisconsin Law Review Symposium

Registration available here.

The symposium will be hosted by Professor Bernadette Atuahene, Property Tax Justice Fellow, University of Wisconsin Law School, featuring nationally-renowned scholars, journalists, and practitioners.

The symposium will focus on identifying national and international cases of stategraft. Stategraft refers to situations in which government actors take people’s property for the benefit of that government in violation of the law or basic human rights. This new term intentionally combines the words “statecraft” and “graft.” While statecraft is the skillful management of state affairs, stategraft pinpoints instances when public officials augment state coffers by intentionally or unintentionally stealing from those under their authority. More specifically, state agents achieve financial solvency, a key element in the management of state affairs, through predation.

This page will be updated with the panel schedule soon. Papers from the symposium will be published in Issue 2 of the Wisconsin Law Review.

For questions about this event, please contact Jessica Biggott & Braden Kundert at biggott@wisc.edu & bmkundert@wisc.edu.