Volume 2008, No. 2


Symposium: The Future of Monopoly and Monopolization

The Spectrum of Monopolism: An Introduction to the Future of Monopoly and Monopolization

By Albert A. Foer

An Overview of Section 2 Enforcement and Developments

By Bonny E. Sweeney


Multijurisdictional Regulation of Monopoly in a Global Market

By Henry C. Thumann


Should Developing Countries Worry about Abuse of Dominant Power?

By Philippe Brusick & Simon J. Evenett


False Positives in Identifying Liability for Exclusionary Conduct: Conceptual Error, Business Reality, and Aspen

By Peter C. Carstensen


The Waterbed Effect: Where Buying and Selling Power Come Together

By Paul W. Dobson & Roman Inderst


Areeda, Epithets, and Essential Facilities

By Spencer Weber Waller


Is There a Consensus on the Antitrust Treatment of Single-Firm Conduct?

By William S. Comanor