Volume 2009, No. 2


Symposium: The Continuing Evolution of Securities Class Actions

Basic at Twenty: Rethinking Fraud on the Market

By Donald C. Langevoort


Counterfactual Keys to Causation and Damages in Shareholder Class-Action Lawsuits

By Frederick C. Dunbar & Arun Sen


The “Innocent Shareholder”: An Essay on Compensation and Deterrence in Securities Class-Action Lawsuits

By Lawrence E. Mitchell


Why Civil Liability for Disclosure Violations When Issuers Do Not Trade?

By Merritt B. Fox


Confronting the Circularity Problem in Private Securities Litigation

By Jill E. Fisch


Scheme Liability: Does It Have a Future After Stoneridge ?

By Robert A. Prentice


Do Differences in Pleading Standards Cause Forum Shopping in Securities Class Actions?: Doctrinal and Empirical Analyses

By James D. Cox, Randall S. Thomas, & Lynn Bai


A Scotch Verdict on “Circularity” and Other Issues

By Thomas A. Dubbs


Transnational Litigation and Global Securities Class-Action Lawsuits

By Stephen J. Choi & Linda J. Silberman


Pleading After Tellabs

By Geoffrey P. Miller


Pleading and the Dilemmas of “General Rules”

By Stephen B. Burbank