WLR Elects 2017–18 Senior Editorial Board and Diversity Committee

Wisconsin Law Review has named University of Wisconsin Law School student Tomás Clasen as Editor-in-Chief for 2017–18. He replaces outgoing Editor-in-Chief Bryon Eagon.

The student-run journal publishes six times a year, while the journal’s online version publishes throughout the year. Both the print and electronic journal publish student and professional articles on various local, state, national, and international issues.

Wisconsin Law Review also sponsors an annual symposium. Last October’s symposium titled “Modern Federal Judicial Selection” explored important aspects in the contemporary federal judicial nomination and confirmation process.

Senior editorial board members for 2017–18 include:

  • Anna C. Peterson, Senior Articles Editor
  • Maura B. Falk, Katelyn Quigley & Olivia Esser, Senior Managing Editors
  • Andrew J. Fabianczyk, Senior Note & Comment Editor
  • Adriana Aristeiguieta Dean, Senior Forward Editor
  • Emi Passini, Business Editor
  • Michael Annerino & Ena M. Kovacevic, Symposium Editors

Diversity committee members for 2017–18 are:

  • Alice W. Cho (chair)
  • Adriana Aristeiguieta Dean
  • Emi Passini
  • Sophie Rosen

Wisconsin Law Review thanks its outgoing 3L class and Senior Editorial Board for two years of commitment and dedication. The board encourages current first-year students to participate in the spring write-on competition, beginning immediately after finals in May. For more information, please contact Tomás Clasen or Andrew J. Fabianczyk.