Volume 2023, No. 6

Reining in Recusals, by Justin C. Van Orsdol; Unconstitutional Police Pretexts, by Nadia Banteka; Can’t Get It out of My Head: Trade Secrets Liability for Remembered Information, by Timothy Murphy; Imperfect Precedent: Applying the Proper Perspective to Copyright, by James M. Twieg; Disrupting the Jail-to-Deportation Pipeline in Wisconsin, by Ben Levey; If It Walks Like a Duck: Revisiting the National Labor Relations Board’s Political Subdivision Test, by John Chick; Cleaning up the Opioid Crisis: Emerging Public Nuisance Liability in Opioid Litigation, by Stephen Goettsche

Volume 2023, No. 5

Special Issue: Public Law in the States. Foreword, by Allie Boldt, Miriam Seifter & Robert Yablon; Is Limiting Abortion a Pretext for Oligarchy? Abortion and the Quest to Limit Citizen-Initiated Ballot Rights in Ohio, by Jennifer Brunner; Public Law Litigation and Electoral Time, by Zachary D. Clopton & Katherine Shaw; Family Court as Problem Solving?, by Tonya L. Brito & Daanika Gordon; Dobbs, Democracy, and Dysfunction, by David Landau & Rosalind Dixon; From Rights Arguments to Structure Arguments: The Next Stage of the New Judicial Federalism, by Robert F. Williams; States of Emergency: COVID-19 and Separation of Powers in the States, by Richard Briffault; The (Local) Prosecutor, by Carissa Byrne Hessick & Rick Su; Constitutional Accountability through State Tort Law, by Nancy Leong; Home Rulings, by Nestor M. Davidson; Election Administration as a Licensed Profession, by Ganesh Sitaraman & Kevin M. Stack; Our Federalism and Our National Democracy: Complements or Foes?, by Aziz Z. Huq

Volume 2023, No. 4

Freedom Not to See a Doctor: The Path Toward Over-the-Counter Abortion Pills, by Lewis A. Grossman; Immigration Law and Slavery: Rethinking the Migration or Importation Clause, by Geoffrey Heeren; Laundering Police Lies, by Adam M. Gershowitz & Caroline E. Lewis; A Revolution without a Cause: The Digital Markets Act and Neo-Brandeisian Antitrust, by Yunsieg P. Kim; International Tax Policy’s Harm to Manufacturing and National Interests, by James R. Repetti; The Puck Stops Here: A Legal Argument for the Establishment of a Domestic Violence Policy in the National Hockey League, by Sarah E. Cannon; Begging the Question: Judicial Review of Ballot Questions for Referred State Constitutional Amendments in Wisconsin, by Taylor A. Hatridge; Breaking the Green Washing Wave: The Need for ESG-Friendly Securities Fraud Class Action Standards Post-Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. v. Arkansas Teacher Retirement System, by Jessica Biggott

Volume 2023, No. 3

Regulating Plain Language, by Michael A. Blasie; Regulating Excessive Credit, by Abigail Faust; A(woke) Workplaces, by Michael Z. Green; Remote Work and the State Taxation of Nonresident Employees, by Bradley W. Joondeph; Equalizing Remediation, by Chinonso Anozie; How Much Do Investors Care About Social Responsibility?, by Scott Hirst, Kobi Kastiel & Tamar Kricheli-Katz

Volume 2023, No. 2 (Symposium)

Foreword I: Controlling the Supreme Court — Is There a Future for American Law?, by Bruce Ledewitz; Foreword II: To Reform the Court, We Have to Recognize It Isn’t One, by Eric J. Segall; Religious Liberty For All? A Religious Right to Abortion, by Caroline Mala Corbin; What It Takes to Curb the Court, by Barry Friedman; The Court and the Constitution, by Lori A. Ringhand; The Case for Expanding the Anticanon of the Constitution, by Ilya Somin; Supreme Myth Busting: How the Supreme Court Has Busted its Own Myths, by Michael J. Gerhardt; Fixing the Confirmation Process, Or Fiddling While Rome Burns, by Caroline Fredrickson; The October 2021 Term and the Challenge to Progressive Constitutional Theory, by J. Joel Alicea; A Normal Supreme Court, by Eugene Volokh

Volume 2023, No. 1

Geography as Due Process in Immigration Court, by Valeria Gomez; A Copyright Restored: Mark Twain, Mary Ann Cord, and How to Right a Longstanding Wrong, by Timothy J. McFarlin; Defining Unfair Competition in the Federal Trade Commission Act, by Samuel Evan Milner, P.h. D., J.D.; Is Corporate Law Nonpartisan? by Ofer Eldar & Gabriel Rauterberg; The Benefit of the Bargain, by Mark A. Lemley; Does Mens Rea Matter? by Matthew L. Mizel, Michael Serota, Jonathan Cantor, & Joshua Russell-Fritch; Let Them Play Ball: Seeking Solutions to the Recent Spate of Trans Sports Bans, by Sophia R. Pfander; Protecting All Parties in Compensated Gestational Surrogacy Agreements: Adopting the New York State (of Mind) Approach, by Kiara Butler