Volume 2019, No. 2

Symposium Issue. Introduction: Introduction to the 2018 Wisconsin Law Review Symposium Issue: Wills, Trusts, and Estates Meets Gender, Race, and Class by Carla Spivack
Keynote lecture: Dismantling the Trusts and Estates Canon by Naomi Cahn
Articles: Broken Links: A Critique of Formal Equality in Inheritance Law by Carla Spivack, Engendering Trust by Deborah S. Gordon, Voice, Strength, and No-Contest Clauses by Karen J. Sneddon, Wills Formalities in the Twenty-First Century by Bridget J. Crawford, Disrupting the Wealth Gap Cycles: An Empirical Study of Testacy and Wealth by Danaya C. Wright, Freedom of Disposition v. Duty of Support: What’s a Child Worth? by Phyllis C. Taite, Big Data and the Modern Family by Shelly Kreiczer-Levy, The Stranger-to-the-Marriage Doctrine: Judicial Construction Issues Post-Obergefell by Lee-ford Tritt